martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Flowers for any occasion!!!!!

Hello guys, in my first post from AQUETZALLIcraf,  I share a small flower, this flower is very easy to make and it is a fantastic detail for dresses, headband, shoes, buffs or any other garment. Only your imagination is the limit. Don't forget to visit my facebook page and my others social networks  for more ideas!!!


You need a crochet hook and the yarn, the hook number or the thickness of the yarn, it's not really important, because if you need a big flower only you use a big hook number and a thick yarn. And if you need a little flower you can use a small hook number and thin yarn. 
Ok!!! Let's start!!!
                                                              You cast on 4 chains.
Now joins the two ends of the chain stitch with a slippe crochet. Now you  have a circle.  
Now we will make the first "skeleton", which is where we set our flower petals. You cast on 5 chains.    
      You make a single crochet through the circle.
  Now, you can see a smal square.
   You make 2 chains.
           And you continued with a single crochet.
      You repeat this until you have 8 single crochets.
        And ending you first "skelton" with a slippe point.    
                         In the next round you start "the round petals", you make 3 chains.
                                            And you continue to make a double crochet.
                                                                 And close the points.
                      You make another double crochet and finish whith one chain and single crochet.
The next petal you make in the third square, that is to say, in the firts square make a petal and the next square skip, and the next square make a petal, in total you have a 5 petals.
And in the second petal you make a single crochet-chaing-double crochet-double crochet-chain-single crochet.
                                     In the ending of this round you have two petals together.
                  And end joing the round with a slippe crochet in the first chain of the first petal.
Now you have your first round "the round petals" and you can use this simple flower or continue whith more rounds.
            The next round is your second "skeleton", you need reverse the flower.
                                   And across the the first chain stitch and make a slippe crochet.
                                                         From now on you make 4 chains.
                                 Later you make a single crochet across the next chain stitch.
                    You make 2 chains and in the next chain stitch you make other single crochet
You continue whith this pattern until you have 8 single crochets and ends joing the round with a slippe crochet
           Now you have a second "skeleton" and you can to make the second " petal round ".
                                                                      Turn the flower.
                                              Now you make 3 chains in the first square .

                          You have started the first petal, and after you make 2 double crochet
                                                               one chain- single crochet
             The next petal have single crochet-chain-double crochet-double crochet-chain-single crochet.
                                          And you continue with this pattern in all petals.
                                                  Finally you have 8 petals in this round
                    The next round is your third "skeleton", you need to turn arround the flower.
                                       You repeat the same pattern for the second "skeleton".
               That is to say, you make slippe crochet in the firts chain stitch in the second "skeleton".
                 You continue to make 5 chains and to make a single crochet in the next chain stitch.
          Now you make 3 chains and continue with single crochet in the next chain stitch.
                               Continue whith this pattern until you have 8 single crochets.
                                                                    Turn the flower.
                         Now you start the first petal of the third round, you make 4 chains.
                                                           Continue with triple crochet.  
                                        And you make 4 triple crochet- chain-double crochet.
                  The next petal have double crochet-chain- 4 triple crochet- chain- double crochet.
                                      And you repeat this operation until you have 8 petals.
                                 And end the round with slippe crochet uniting the petals
Now you have a beautifull flower, but if you want to make this flower bigger you can. If you continue to make the next rounds whith last round pattern explained.
I made this flower whith number 3 crochet hook and Cotton Stretch (Katia) yarn. But you can experiment with differents yarn types. Happy knitting!!!!